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One Stop Wedding Service

For all your wedding needs in one place, from event planning, venue decoration, makeup and hairdo design, florist to photography and more... Luxy has everything covered.  With us, your wedding day the least stressful it can possible be.

  • Wedding venue decor: Drapery, Linens, Backdrop, ceiling, ect. 

  • Company, Institution events and functions.

  • Baby shower party 

  • Makeup and Hairdo service & package

  • DJ, MC host 

  • Wedding planner, Day Off Coordinator  

We offer full-service wedding floral services to help create a look that reflects your personalities and style. We focus on each bride’s unique vision and style, providing customized design and personalized service.
Romantic, contemporary, vintage, classic or sophisticated, we offer a gorgeous selection of ceremony designs, bouquets, reception centerpieces, accent centerpieces, ceremony florals, cake florals and more ...
personalizing your wedding decoration every step of the way.

Winson Tan Photography, a company belongs to Luxy, specializing in wedding day photography, including Pre-Wedding  & engagement, family portrait and etc.  Our aim is to provide you with high quality services, and to capture all of the emotions of your special day naturally, unobtrusively, and beautifully.

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